Get Your YouTube Sponsor Button In 3 Simple Steps

Get Your YouTube Sponsor Button In 3 Simple Steps

Get Your YouTube Sponsor Button In 3 Simple Steps

If you’ve been watching YouTube lately then you’ve probably noticed the YouTube join button, previously referred to as the YouTube Sponsor button.

After reading this article you’ll know the following:

  • How to get a YouTube Sponsorship button
  • How to qualify for a YouTube Sponsorship button
  • 3 simple steps on how to set up yours
  • How to grow your YouTube channel subscriber
    This button now gives you the creator the ability to monetize your channel but they’re still are some small requirements that you must meet first before you get the sponsor button.

     YouTube is quickly turning into one of the fastest-growing search engines out there. Ranked only second to Google, YouTube has continued to dominate the search industry. Having a YouTube channel will be a crucial part of many businesses in the near future, but why not monetize it as well!So, how do you get a YouTube Sponsor button or Join Button?

    What is a Youtube Sponsor Button?

    The YouTube Sponsor button or join button allows for creators to monetize their channels by offering a monthly subscription plan to their content. By signing up viewers get access to a special members area. These members also get the iconic members badge that identifies them when they comment. Think of the verified blue icon within the Instagram profiles. Depending on the creator of the channel, these members who have joined may also be accessing unique and exclusive content available only to those who have signed up to sponsor that channel.

    How does the YouTube Sponsor program work?

    Whether the online viewer clicks the “join” or “sponsor” button, they are then prompted to fill out a small form. This form allows them to see the perks of joining the $4.99 monthly program and a few key informational points before processing the payment. Now the owner or creator of the channel will receive 70% of the overall amount and of course, YouTube will receive the remaining 30%.

    Not every location offers the sponsorship opportunity within YouTube. Click here to view the YouTube location if you have questions regarding if it’s available for you.
    YouTube has shown to be an amazing option for people to educate themselves and learn new things. Why not give the creators the ability to make some money for all their hard work, right?

    How do you get a YouTube Sponsor button?

    Whether you want to monetize your channel or grow your business within YouTube, getting a YouTube join button on your channel is a great step. Don’t get confused the “sponsor” and “join” button our practically the same thing. Everything is still in beta testing, so you’ll probably notice the sponsor wording slowly changed to join here shortly. Now there are a few rules listed below that you must meet prior to being eligible for a sponsor button option! You can find a list of those rules here on YouTube’s Help page:

    Get Your YouTube Sponsor Button In 3 Simple Steps
    • Most have 30,000 subscribers
    • The channel must be part of the YouTube Partnership Program
    • Creator must be 18 years or older
    • Must agree to the terms and conditions
    • The creator must be within the participating locations
    • The creator must have zero strikes or issues against them
    How do I grow my subscribers on YouTube and get a sponsorship button?

    Being found on YouTube is everything. When people are looking for things that you can help them with or advice you can give, you’ll want your videos showing up when they search. Promoting your videos with Go Florida SEO will help drive comments, views, and video engagement. As time goes on your videos will rank and your subscribers will grow organically. The process does take time but the end goal is to grow your subscriber list and rank organically within YouTube’s platform.

    How much can I earn with the YouTube Sponsorship Program?

    70% of each membership goes to you. It’s not a bad deal, since before this program it was much harder to monetize your channel. If someone signs up for your channel within the United States, then it would be $4.99 a month. You would walk away with 70% and YouTube would take the remaining.
    Imagine being able to add a hundred new sponsored memberships each month! That would roughly be $349. After just 10 months you could be taking home a little over $3,490 every month just from your YouTube sponsorship community. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask us!

    How do I get more people to Sponsor my YouTube Channel?

    The key to making more money and gaining more subscribers is to offer better perks and exclusive content. People will be more likely to subscribe and sponsor you if you’re giving them unique access to content that wasn’t offered before.

    How do I apply for the YouTube Sponsorship button?

    First you need to make sure the program is available within your area. If you’ve met the requirements listed above then follow the next steps:

    What if I don’t qualify for YouTube sponsorship?

    If you don’t qualify yet for the sponsorship option, then you need to grow your channel subscribers most likely and rank your videos on the first page.

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    >>How To Create A Digital Marketing Ecosystem That Boost Conversion From All Sides?

    How do I come up with YouTube Sponsorship deals or perks?

    Being able to have a sponsorship option is just the first part of the journey. You’ll want to put together a membership perks package that makes people feel like what they’re signing up for is worth the monthly cost.

    It’s not too late to start your YouTube channel.
    There is an old saying that goes a little like this

    “The best time to plant a tree for shade was yesterday, but today is the next best option” unknown
    Starting a YouTube channel for your business can be one of the best choices you make in the final months of 2019. YouTube is quickly becoming the go-to source for many customers and shoppers wanting more information about products or services.

    Your business probably already does some type of Google SEO already and if not then we can still help. Ranking on Google and driving organic traffic has shown to be one of the best ways to gain website traffic

    Get Your YouTube Sponsor Button In 3 Simple Steps

    Remember how hard it is to rank on Google? YouTube will soon be in the same boat. YouTube SEO is a new concept but it’s becoming more important as more creators like yourself join the platform. Having a channel and having content that promotes your brand, products, and values can increasingly generate new conversions throughout the year. Making sure that you optimize the titles of your video and the descriptions will help you rank faster.

    As time goes on it will be harder and more difficult to rank for keywords may be important to your business. getting a YouTube channel started now will not only help you in ranking but also getting ahead of the competition and those who have yet to do it.

    I hope you have liked this post. And you have understood all the things I have said. If you still have any question, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media. Thank you. 

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