About Us Page | About Me page Importance | How to Add About Us Page

About Us Page | About Me page Importance | How to Add About Us Page

To know about any site or blog, it has an about us page. In which it is written about you and about your blog or website ..This is a  page which is also very important for the site.

We see a lot of websites whose homepage is very good. With a best service page and also with a good contact ua page, but when it comes to an "About Us" page, you get the content written in a substandard manner without any sufficient information.

Like the elements of the rest of the website, the "About Us" page is also a very critical page of any website. Read this post carefully and know why it is important for a website to have a good "About Us" page and how you can create a good About Us page.

Why you should have a good "About Me" page for your website?

By putting about Us page in the blog or website, 10-15% of visitors come to your blog to see the good status of the blog. If any visitor visits your blog, first read about Us page. And your website wants to know what is on your blog when it is made. So let's know the whole information 

Why you should have a good "About Us" page for your website?

1. It defines the personality of your Blog

The "About Us" page is the foundation of your website. This page tells readers about you, like who you are, what you do, and what your website or blog is about.

This page contains some important and valuable information about your website / blog, service or organization. This is a page in which you tell readers about your company and you tell them about your successes and also about your skillful points.

For example, the About Us page of a company may contain the following information:

When this company was started, where is this company located, what is the vision of the company, how many employees does this company have, what are the achievements and goals and other information about this method in brief about the company.

You can start by telling something about yourself, the foundation of your blog, your achievements and your future dreams, what you do and what you do for those who visit your website or blog, in some way beneficial to them. Can be

2. People want to connect with real people

If you check the stats of your blog using Google Analytics, then you will probably find that your About Me Page will be a very popular page to be viewed on your website. This shows that people are interested in knowing about you. They can get all this information about you through the About me page.

For this reason, you have to put human touch in your About Us page. While maintaining the professional level, perhaps you have to describe your humor or your personal image in words.

If a group of some people is involved in your company, then you can also give a link to the websites of other people of your company who further tell about them in this page. With this, your readers can get great information about your company and your team.

They can also wish to contact you through social media. If not all, then you must keep two or three to get in touch with you, or else put a link to your contact page.

3. Creates the authority of your site

The about page plays a very important role to increase your authority in your niche. If you add your videos and testimonials with this, it would be great. If you are featured in a famous journal or newspaper, then this increases your authority even more and you should not hesitate to mention such things in your about page. People love to learn from the best people.

Most important: Keep your About Me page updated from time to time with the latest information about you or your company, otherwise your blog will be considered in-active.

4. It works as a landing page

So as your About Me page can be one of the most viewed page of your website, you can also use this page to direct your readers or customers to see which post or page you have after this See. For example, you can also redirect your readers to your social media profile pages.

Like every other page, there should be some Call to Action in your About Me page. You can decide for yourself what action you want to take.

How can you be more personal with your readers?

You can add a snippet of your About me page to the sidebar or footer of your blog or website. If there are readers who are too lazy to click on your About Me link, then they can read about you briefly in these snippets and they may be forced to click on your About Me page. .

One more thing to keep in mind that About Me you have to write not about yourself but keeping in mind about your readers.

  •  So, friends, now we add about that page to the blog:-

Step:1:- First you have to click on the pages
About Us Page | About Me page Importance| How to Add About Us Page

Step:2:- Now you have to click on the new page

About Us Page | About Me page Importance| How to Add About Us Page
Step:3:- In this step you have to create about that page .....
  • First of all, you have to write the title (in this you write about us) 
  • Now you write all that I said above
  • Now click on Publish .....
About Us Page | About Me page Importance| How to Add About Us Page

Congratulation Now your page has been created .....

  • What do you think an ideal "About Me" page should be like?
  • Have you recently optimized the About me page of your website?
  • What do you think of the About Us page?


hope you have liked this post. And you have understood all the things I have said. I tried to explain in a very simple way. If you still have any question, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media. Thank you.

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