How to increase blog traffic, 60 popular ways to increase blog traffic..

How to increase blog traffic, 60 popular ways to increase blog traffic..

Traffic is required for everyone, whatever the online business, blogging is also completely dependent on the traffic. The traffic on the blog will be as popular and better blog. In this post I am telling you 60 simple ways to increase the traffic of the blog. You can increase the traffic of your blog by following them.

How to increase blog traffic, 60 popular ways to increase blog traffic..
How to increase blog traffic, 60 popular ways to increase blog traffic..

If there is no traffic on the blog post then it is of no use. The value belongs to the person whom people respect. In exactly the same way, if there are 50 and 100 posts on your blog and good traffic is coming, then your blog is much better than any other 400 or 500 post blog.

Friends, in this post, I am telling you about 60 simple methods that you can easily follow and increase the traffic of your blog. So if you are really in a hurry to see high traffic on your blog, then read the tips mentioned in this post, and follow as much as possible.

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How to increase blog traffic, 60 popular ways to increase blog traffic..

What we do not do to bring high traffic to the blog. But we always make a mistake, We get all the information to increase the traffic of the blog. We take it, but do not follow it. So please do not ignore after reading this post.

Need High Quality Content:

1. Write New topics:- Always share that information which is very less on the Internet.

2. Use High Ranking Keywords:- Write the post using the most searched keywords.

3. Make Excellent Articles:- Write the best articles. Whom to become a fan by reading the Visitor  once.

4. Write Maximum Word Post:- To get more traffic from search engines, a post should have minimum 2000 words. If you have less words than this, then leave the dream of getting traffic from the search engine

5.Write For Your Readers:- Write new posts according to the choice of your visitors.

6.Write Short Cool Post:- You can also write a short post. But short post should contain good and best information from 10 big posts. Examples like you can tell about any tricks

7. Ask Your Reader About New Post:- Ask your audience their choice and also write posts on their choice.

8. Write Your Blog About Your Most Popular Content:- Write posts about the most popular articles of your blog and tell the visitors.

9. Write About Social Media:- People are most active on social media. So write posts on social media

10. Write About Your Thought:- Share your thoughts with your readers. So that he can understand you better.

11. Add Social Button On Photos:- Apart from PinTerest, you can also add Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Share button to images.

 Need Eye-Catching Image:

12. Use Eye Catching Photos:- Do the best images in a blog post. On seeing those, the user should become your fan.

13. Use Only Self Create Or Free Image:- In the blog post,  use make your own images and images of the free stock website. Do not use Copyright images.

14. Make Image Clearly:- As much as possible the clear image in the blog post is required by the blog post content. Doing unnecessary fake images can lowers the search ranking.

15. Comments On Other Blog:- Comment on other blog posts so that you can get backlinks, And let people know about your blog.

 Need Social Media Help:

16. Add Social Media Follow Widget:- Add social media follow widget to Blog

17. Create A Google Plus Page:- Create a Google+ page for your blog and share your new posts on it.

18. Create A Facebook Page:- Create a Facebook page named after your blog and share all blog posts on it.

19. Active On Social Media Site:- Remain active on social site for some time and maintain relationship with your followers. And build a better understanding.

 SEO - Search Engine Optimization:

20. Comments On Other Blog:- Comment on other blog posts so that you can get backlinks, And let people know about your blog.

 21. Work On Other Blog Competitions:- Other blogs that share information related to your site. Make blogging by competing with them, which gives you the power to do hard work and you will try to get ahead of others.

22. Choose A Beautiful Simple Theme:- Pick a nice simple simple template for your blog. So that people also like the design of your site.

23. Choose Full Mobile Friendly Theme/ Template:- Users use mobile the most. In this way, if your site is not open properly in mobile, then you will get less support from the mobile user.

24. Make A Fast Loading Blog:- The faster your blog is loading, the more traffic you will get. Because 10% of payloops do not like the website that opens slow.

25. Make Site Simple Design:- It is 100% true that users prefer a simple design site over a more mature designated site. So that your visitors can understand your site better.

26. Optimize Your Site:- Optimize your site and give a different look to all other sites and make your site different. The look of your site will be different, so it will be very easy for the user to maintain your site.

27. Add A Search Box:- Must add a search box on the site so that your visitors can search their work information.

28. Links To Your Most Popular Article In Sidebar:- Be sure to add the most popular blog post in the sidebar of your blog. Because new visitors like to read your popular post first of all

29. Write A Helpful Article:- Share helpful information in blog post as much as possible. So that people feel that you really help others, And you are a good person.

30. Start Guest Post On Your Blog:- Also share guest posts on your blog. This will also give you traffic and increase the content of your site.

31. Set Up A Free Blog:- If you are a self-hosted blogger then create a free blog and share your blog post on it.

32. Share Link On Other Blog:- Add a link to your site on another blog related to your blog.

33. Make Designed Blog:- Design the blog in a good way so that the visitors will like the design of your blog and they want to visit your site in the coming time.

34. Make Your Blog SEO Friendly:- Make Your Blog Complete So Friendly.

35. Add Internal Or External Link In Blog Post:- While writing a post on the blog, you must add a link to the second post of your blog and links to other sites in the post. This increases blog search engine rankings.

36. Submit Site To Goggle:- Submit your blog through Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools).

37. Use Keywords Research Tool:- Use the Top Keywords Research Tool to use high ranking keywords in a blog post.

38. Use Yoast SEO Plugin- If your site is on WordPress then use Yoast SEO Plugin should do it. This plugin is the No.1 in the world for SEO.

39. Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster:- After you made the sitemap of your blog, submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

40. Use Keyword In Post Title:- Use 1-2 high quality keywords in the topic in the blog post. This will make your post in the top tanking in the search engine.

41. Use Keyword In Post Content:- The more keywords you do in the post content the better. The search ranking of your post will be better.

42. Set Up Site To Google Authorship:- Connect your site to Google partnership.

43. Use Heading In Post:- Do 1-2 headings in the post. This makes the search robot understand your post quickly.

44. Add Post Summary:- In the last of the post, 3-4 lines about the post, definitely add information about that post.

 Need Apps For Your Blog:

45. Make Full Site App:- You should make apps for your site in full details. So that your visitors can get complete information on the apps.

46. Add Link To Visit On Site:- Add links to go to your site in apps so that visitors can visit your site through apps.

47. Make Apps For Your Blog:- Get 5,000 apps from an app developer for your blog and get 10,000 apps done. Nowadays, users use only the most smart phones. In this way if your site has apps then you will get more traffic from it.

48. Ask Your Friends:- You can also get your site promoted by telling your friends.

49. Give Ads On Market:- You can get T-shirts, shoes and other products made in the market by the URL name of your site.

50. Tell About Your Blog In Most Events:- At any of your party and most events, you can tell all your friends about it.

 Need Email Marketing :

51. Add Subscribe Widget:- Add a subscribe widget to the blog. So your readers can subscribe to your blog.

52. Add Email Service:- For the blog, start a FeedBurner, Aweber and any other BML service. So that your visitors can get information about your new post.

53. Show Only Summary In Email Message:- Email messages should only send the summary of the post. If the content of your entire post will be shown in the email, no one will visit your site. Everyone will read your entire post in the mail itself.

54. Check Email Service Activity:- After activating the email service in the blog, please confirm once that your posts are being delivered to your visitors.

 Need To Update Your Old Post:

55. Update Old Post:- He kept updating his old articles on time and he kept doing the necessary changes.

56. Change Old Post Title:- If you think that you can get more traffic by changing some words in the title of the post, then change the post tile.

57. Don't Change Post Link:- The links of the post should not be changed while editing the post. This causes a 404 page not found error problem.

58. Remove Extra Word:- If there are more than 70 characters in the post title, more traffic is not found from the search engine. Therefore, edit such old posts and remove the extra words from the post topic.

59. Add More Content:- If the work in any of your old posts is less than 500 words, then edit it and add more words to it. So that the search ranking of that post is improved and you can get more traffic.

60. Regular Pin Images Other Blog:- Share the images of other blogs on your PinTerest account so that you can get more followers.

In this post, they were all the ways I have told you. They will all be useful to increase traffic on your blog. In this post, I have tried to give free ideas as much as possible and have explained to everyone in short. Which you can easily understand and follow.

I Hope, in this post you will get the best ideas of increasing the traffic of the blog and you will learn new ways of increasing the traffic on your blog.


I hope you have liked this post. And you have understood all the things I have said. I tried to explain in a very simple way. If you still have any question, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media. Thank you.

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