Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

Whether the tool is free or not. I will tell you the best 15 keyword research tools which will prove to be very helpful for the blog.

One thing to remember here is that if you want to rank or SEO (search engine optimization) your website in the world's largest search engine like Google, yahoo, bing, then you must do keyword research or say it. .

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

Now here are some questions like
  • How to research Keyword?
  • Who is the best free keyword research tool?

Let's take first.

I have already told that Keyword research seo, ranking, traffic is very important to increase any websites or article.

You will find many plugins for wordpress like one seo. com, RB keyword research plugin.

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But there is no plugin for blogger, so blogger needs keyword research tools.

New bloggers who cannot use paid tools search for free keyword research tools. Next we will see BEST 15 free keyword research tools.

List Top 15 free keyword research tools for SEO :-

1.) Google adwords: keyword planner
2.) Google trands
3.) Google News
4.) Answer the public
5.) Keywordtool. io
6.) Ubersuggest
7.) Lsi graph
8.) Wordtracker
9.) Goggle auto suggestion
10.) Google search console
11.) Keyword shitter
12.) Advanced marketing institute (headline analyzer)
13.) Kwfinder
14.) Bing webmaster tool
15.) Portents content

Friends, I have given list free keyword research tool that you all will surely like. Because all this is free and very easy to use.

Paid tools such as semrush, buzzsumo, ahrefs will give you such tools by doing keyword research but it is very expensive.
Now we take information about Step by step tool.

1.) Google keyword planner: - If you want to rank article in Google, then Google will let you rank yourself.

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

Google keyword planner very good tool for keyword research that is also free.

Any blogger will tell you that this tool is good. You get competition CPC, more important information from planner.

2.) Google trends: -

If you want searchable keyword, then those who are trending, then you must use Google trends.

3.) Google news: -

Google trends is the same as Google news. You will find articles whose title will get good Keyword.

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4.) Answer the public: -

Answer is the public free and pro research tool. The quality of this tool is that it gives you

Returns key words in bulk or, say, group. The interface of this tool looks quite good.

5.) Keyword tool. Io: -

It is a alternative Keyword tool of Google Adwords and io calls itself. Do comment on what you think.

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

You can remove Keyword for any country. Keywords  are necessary for SEO optimization can be extracted from such words.

youtuber can also do keyword research with youtube video seo, suggestion.

6.) Ubersuggest: -

Neil Patel is the founder of ubersuggest. If you search in Google the best free keyword research tool, then you will definitely find ubersuggest tool suggestion at the bottom of the search page.

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

In Ubersuggest tool you can also find and filter Keyword very well.

The update version of  Uber suggest is quite good. You must use Ubersuggest tool.

7.) LSI graph: - LSI graph is good for LSI keyword research if you are searching for LSI keyword.

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

8.) Wordtracker: -

Word tracker is such a keyword finder or tool where you can search 10000 related Keyword search. But you have to pay.

But in my opinion, you take the free keyword. word tracker says if they compare in google and tracker.

Actual keywords, search trends, SEO competition metrics, SERF comparison, live chart, customer service, related / lateral search, Amazon keyword, Youtube keyword, negative search keywords, can do.

9.) Google auto suggestion: - For less hard work and good keyword, you can remove the word from Google in this way. Take any Browser.

Top 15 Free Keyword Research tool For SEO

I suggest you Chrome. Your focus keyword in the browser's search bar. What you see in the screen shot.

This is called google auto suggested keyword.

Pro Tip: - Give space so that you will get the next keyword.

Google auto suggestion

10.) Google search console: -

Why is google search console in my list of best 15 free keyword research tool.

Not because it is FREE TOOL. In the console, you can use the keyword of the article you have ranked.

You got an impression, everyone can know how much click.

11.) Keyword shitter: -

The best tools are to find keywords in bulk.

This tool gives you the auto search suggestion keyword of Google itself.

12.) Advanced marketing institute (headline analyzer): -

advanced marketing institute is a tool in which you can check the seo of long tail keyword.

If your long tail keyword gets 33% rate, then this long tail keyword is seo friendly keyword.

13.) Kwfinder: -

This tool is not good enough, but you can get the keyword that you need to write a seo friendly article.

You can find auto complete, suggestion, questions key words. And you can also use county, language.

14.) Bing webmaster tool: -

If you have submitted your ranking website in Google's search console, then you must have got high quality words.

You know that in bing you can get the same keyword and site information by submitting your website.

15.) Portents content: -

Portents content is a content Idea generator tool. The specialty of this tool is that it gives you tittle generate by doing it.


I hope you have liked this post. And you have understood all the things I have said. I tried to explain in a very simple way.

If you still have any question, you can ask us by commenting. If you liked the post, please share this post with all your friends on social media. You can click here to read related posts from Blogger blog.Thank you.

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