There are many ways to earn money online, but of these, Affiliate Marketing is a very good way.

If you also want to know what is Affiliate Marketing?

And how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

So read this article well....

A to Z information of Affiliate Marketing is told to you in this article.

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This article covers these things:

  •     What is Affiliate Marketing?
  •     How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
  •     How to do Affiliate Marketing
  •     How to Make Affiliate Marketing ?
  •     Some Affiliate Marketing Terms
  •     What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Sites
  •     How Much Money You Can Make From Affiliate Marketing


 Affiliate marketing is the type of performance-based marketing.

 If you promote any product or service on your blog, website or social media, it is called affiliate marketing.

The company gives you some commission for that product.

These commissions can range from $ 1 to over $ 1000.

How much commission of the product you will get depends on that company.

Affiliate marketing is online business, today with the help of it many bloggers earn millions of rupees in a month’s.

(How to work Affiliate Marketing)

The concept of affiliate marketing program is very simple.

How affiliate marketing works is shown in this image.

Step 1: Join Niche Affiliate Program

First of all you join related affiliate program from blog niche.

Before joining any affiliate program, know about the payment threshold, how much commission you will get after the payment threshold means product is sold.

Also know how you will get commission like wire transfer, check etc.

Step 2: Choose Affiliate Product

Affiliate program join after next step, you have to select products related to your niche

For example: If your blog is related to traveling, then you should place ads related to it.

Before choosing a product, find out which product is more beneficial, search for the product with more commission.

Step 3: Promote and Sell Products

In the last step, you just have to promote affiliate links, there are many ways to promote affiliate links, here I have shared some with you,

Step 4: Earning Start

Whenever a visitor will come to your blog and click on those links or banners to buy or sign up the services, then you will get some commission for that product.

Step 5: Money Transfer to your account

In the last, the commission of the product will be transferred to your bank account.
Each company's product has a separate commission.

(How to start affiliate marketing)

You must know what affiliate marketing is,

But how to do affiliate marketing?

Here you are told in details.

There are many ways to promote affiliate products, among them, the best tips will be shared here.


With the help of blogging, you will be able to do affiliate marketing well, and will be able to sell the product more and more.

99% of English bloggers earn millions of rupees with the help of affiliate marketing.

    You can sell the product by joining related affiliate product from the niche.
    In blogging, you can promote a product or services by writing a review.
    Promote by writing about the product running in the trend.

You can promote Affiliate Products in Blog in 3 ways.


Facebook page and Facebook Group

Facebook page and group are the best place to share affiliate product.

Note: Do not share more links in other group in Facebook, your account may be blocked.


You can also promote affiliate from WhatsApp, in WhatsApp, you can join related group from your niche.

There are many such WhatsApp groups on the Internet.

Do not share direct affiliate product links in WhatsApp, it will come in spamming.

First of all, you add affiliate links to your blog and then share the blog links.


If your twitter is a good follow, then you can sell affiliate product here too.

If you have followers related to your niche on twitter, then it is even better for you.

Whenever you share affiliate links in social media, make it short.


With the help of videos, you can promote affiliate well.

You can promote affiliate ads by creating product reviews in videos and uploading them to YouTube.

You can promote it by adding links to videos description.


If you are interested in fashion and write a blog related to fashion, beauty tips, then you can share it on Instagram.
Fashion related images are very much like on Instagram.

If you have good followers on Instagram, you can share affiliate links here.

Email Marketing

Affiliate is the best way to affiliate with email marketing.

In Email marketing, you have to collect the visitor's mail on your blog.

For this you can use MailChimp, in this you can collect 2000 mail and you can mail 2000 people simultaneously.

Some Affiliate Marketing Terms

There are many terms in the affiliate which you need to know.

Here are some such terms....

💎 Affiliate Marketplace: Affiliate Marketplace means companies that offer Affiliate Programs.

Like: Clickbank, CJ, Shareasale

💎 Affiliate ID: Every Affiliate is given an ID, which contains information about Sales.

💎 Affiliate Links: Each Affiliate is provided with a different URL which has affiliate’s ID. These links are for tracking affiliate programs.

💎 Commission: The money that Affiliate gets on product sell.

💎 Link Clocking: Every product links are very long, so to make the links SEO friendly, the URL is shortened from that URL.

💎 Iliate Affiliate manager: A team is formed to help Affiliates having Affiliate Company and to give Affiliate tips. By which you can share your problem by call or mail.

💎 Payment Mode: The medium from which you are given Commutation. like PayPal, wire transfer, cheque etc.

Best Affiliate Marketing Company in India

(Best affiliate marketing sites in India 2020)

There is also a lot of Affiliate Marketplace in India, all of them are popular Affiliate Marketing sites.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs & Network in India

1.  CJ (Commutation junction) Affiliate Publisher’s Program

2.  Flipkart

3.  Shopify

4.  Clickbank

5.  Rakuten

6.  StudioPress

7.  Bluehost Affiliate Program

8. MaxBounty Affiliate Network

9. Chitika Publishers Network

10. Affiliate Partners Ltd

Best Affiliate Marketing Website

Flipkart Affiliate (Online Shopping)

On every sell you get an average of 4% -10% Commutation

Domain Authority: 81

Page Authority: 60

Amazon Associates (Online Shopping)

On every sell you get an average of 10% commotion

Domain Authority: 49

Page Authority: 58

BIGROCK Affiliate (Web Hosting)

In this big sell you can get Rs.10, 000 commission

Domain Authority: 65

Page Authority: 49

VCommission (All in one)

Money is transferred to your bank only after it is $ 100.

Domain Authority: 49

Page Authority: 58

HostGator Affiliate (Web Hosting)

You get Rs.1250 - Rs.3000 commission from HostGator Affiliates.

Domain Authority: 94

Page Authority: 60

  1.     IPage (Web Hosting)
  2.     Bluehost (Web Hosting)
  3.     Hostgator (Web Hosting)
  4.     SiteGround (Web Hosting)
  5.     Make My Trip (Traveling)

What is affiliate marketing and how is it done?

Did you know

Now the question is, how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

You cannot earn money just by creating blogs and websites or promoting in social media.

To earn maximum money from affiliate, traffic on your blog is also important.

For this, you should know SEO.

 How much money you can earn from affiliate marketing

"How much money you can earn from affiliate marketing", it is difficult to say.

Because there is no limit to income.

Affiliate is divided into 5 parts on the basis of income.

    Affiliate Apprentice = Losing money.
    Low Level Affiliate = Anywhere from $ 0 / day up to $ 300 / day.
    Intermediate Affiliate = Anywhere from $ 300 / day up to $ 3,000 / day.
    High Level Affiliate = Anything above $ 3,000 / day.
    Bag of Dicks Affiliate = Anything above $ 10,000 / day.

It depends on you, how you promote your blog and how to bring traffic.

The more traffic, the more the product will be sold and the more will be your income.

If you blogging in English language, you can earn millions....


I hope you have liked this post. And you have understood all the things I have said. I tried to explain in a very simple way.

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