Aarogya Setu App Download and How to Use? COVID-19 Tracking App

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Corona virus tracking app created by Government of India called Arogya Setu. Learn how to download and use Arogya Setu App. - Know About Aarogya Setu App.

 Do you know what is the Arogya Setu app? And how to use Arogya Setu App? If you do not know this app, then today's article is going to be very important for you.

Aarogya Setu is a mobile application created by the Government of India. The main purpose of which is to identify and track the corona virus infected person.

COVID-19 Tracking App

As you may be aware that the corona virus is causing very fast human destruction all over the world today.

The important steps taken by the Indian government, such as lockdown, are working to a large extent, but it does not appear to be so effective.

Therefore, taking another big step by the Government of India, Aarogya Setu App was created with the help of which any citizen can easily find out whether there is a Corona virus infected person around it.

The main objective of making this app by the Government of India is to make people aware of all the initiatives prepared by the government, especially the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Also to identify the person infected with Corona virus. And apart from this, all the information related to the corona virus will be officially given to the users by the Government of India.

What is Aarogya Setu App?

Arogya Setu App is a type of health mobile application, designed by the Health Department, Government of India. In this application all the Coronavirus related information will be provided by the government from time to time for the users.

So that all citizens should be alert from this dangerous virus. This is a very important tool to prevent this virus from growing.

The Arogya Setu app is currently available in 11 different languages. All citizens of India should download this app on their phones. The Government of India is doing a lot to defend against COVID-19, we should also step by step and support the government.

COVID-19 Tracking App

    To save the country and to save our family, we all take a step forward. Aarogya Setu App Download.

In how many languages ​​are the Aarogya Setu App available?

As I mentioned above, the Arogya Setu app currently supports 11 different languages. Which includes English, Hindi, Gujrati, Telugu, Tamil, Bangla, Punjabi, Marathi etc. Apart from this, many other languages ​​are being gradually included in it.

COVID-19 Tracking App

The availability of all the different languages ​​of India, it clearly shows that more and more people of the country can get important information through this app.

How does Arogya Setu App work?

This app is also called Corona App or COVID-19 Tracking App. Also, let us tell you that this app is designed for both Android and iPhone iOS. Also, a lot of Advance Technology has been used in this application.

The Arogya Setu app tracks the user's location via Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS location and mobile number, and is able to tell if there is a corona virus infected person around the user.

Also, the corona tracks the infected person and alerts the user when the person is around. Hence it is called COVID-19 Tracking App.

Apart from this, all information related to Corona is updated from time to time in this application by the government.

Through this app, users can easily contact the help-line centers associated with COVID-19 as well as Self Assistant Test is also included in it. With the help of which users can test themselves and find out if they are at risk of this virus.

How to download Aarogya Setu App?

The Arogya Setu app is made for both Android and iPhone iOS. Users of both platforms can download and use this application on their smartphones. So let's know how to download this app to your smartphone.

  •     To download it, first you have to open Google Play Store or iPhone's Apple Store.
  •     After that, search by typing Aarogya Setu in the search box above.
  •     Now in the result you will get, click on this app and open it.
  •     You can also download this app from the link given below.

COVID-19 Tracking App

  •     Now click on the Install button after this.
  •     Now this app will be used for downloading / installing.
  •     Wait a little bit. The app will download.

How to use Arogya Setu App?

The easier it is to download or install this app, the easier it is to use it. The first time the user opens this application, he has to register with his mobile number. After that only any user will be able to use this app. So let's know the whole process step by step, how to use this app?

  •     After downloading or installing this app you have to open it.
  •     Then we have to select the language, and click on Next.
  •     Now this app. You will be given some instruction in your language, you have to slide and click on the option of Register Now.
  •     Now the next page will open Terms of Services & Privacy, which you have to read and will also take some permission of your phone, which you have to allow. After that you have to click on I Agree.
COVID-19 Tracking App

  •    Now you have to enter your mobile number.
  •    Now an OTP message will come on the mobile number you entered, which has to be verified.
  •    Now a small form of Personal Details will open in front of you, in which you have to fill all your details. Such as - Name, Age, Profession, Countries Travel in last 30 Day, etc. After that Ready to volunteer in the time of need is to tick.

Now your app is fully registered. Now you will come to the home page of this app, where you will see the complete information of  COVID-19.

COVID-19 Tracking App

Also, the option of Self Assessment Test will also be seen. From where you can test yourself.

You will be asked a lot of details and information while doing the Self Assessment Test. After providing all the information, this app will inform you whether you should be afraid of this virus or not.

On the other hand, if the user is suffering, then it provides information to the user about it.

Apart from this, the Arogya Setu app is very helpful for the citizens. In this, the Do's and Don't of COVID-19 means that what should and should not be done to protect against this virus is described very well.


So guys, now how to download and use Aarogya Setu App? They must have come to know. I hope you liked the post.
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