What are Blogs? How to do Blogging? How to earn money from Blogging?

Today we will learn in this article what is a blog? How to do blogging? Learn more about how we can make money through blogging?


If you want to earn money by working online, then you have come to the right place. I will try to answer all the questions that are arising in your mind regarding online earning, in this article you will get the answers.

Well, there are thousands of ways to earn money online from the Internet. And there are many fake ways in which most people get caught in the affair. And they feel that money cannot be made from internet.

Let me tell you, blogging is the best way to earn money online. Today, millions of people are making money by blogging, of which I am also.

In this article, I am giving you complete information about blogging. What are blogs? How to do blogging? How to make money from blogging? And so on.

So let's start: -

What are blogs?

A blog is a type of website that is updated periodically through articles. Blogs are also called weblogs.

If we understand in easy words, Online Writing is called a blog. The way people write their routines in a diary, in the same way writing about a particular topic on the Internet is called a blog.

Blogs are a type of personal webpage (website) that is written like a diary. Every blog has some articles, photos and external links. The blog writer is called blogger and this work is blogging. - Wikipedia

A blog is a magazine that exists on the web. The blog is updated daily with articles, photos and external links. Postings on the blog are always arranged in chronological order with the most recent changes depicted from the top. - ProBlogger.com

Content written in a blog is called a blog post. And many blog posts can be written in one blog. Blog posts are also called articles. In this, new posts are shown first and old posts are shown later. The blog is run by one person or group.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is called running a blog, writing articles in it, or doing all the work done in the blog. If you understand in easy terms, then creating a blog and running it properly is called blogging.

This means that whatever the person creating the blog does in their blog, the whole process is called blogging.

 Blogging refers to all the work that is done regularly to run a blog. Such as writing articles, improving settings, design, seo, sharing etc.

Blogging is a business in which millions of people are making their careers today. You too can make a career in the blogging field. And you can earn a lot of money from blogging.

What are Bloggers?

The person creating the blog is called a blogger. The person who creates a blog for blogging and publishes new articles in it is called a blogger.

A blogger is actually a person who owns a blog. These are the people who keep the blog alive. It periodically writes new blog posts, new information, its opinion, etc.

Types of Blogs -

Now you must have got a lot of idea about the blog. Let us now know the types of blogging, meaning how many types of blogs are there.

By the way, the blog can be divided into several sections. Like - based on technology, based on presentation, based on writing, etc.

 Apart from this, blogs can be divided into many more sections. But here we are talking about some of the most popular types of blogs.

1) Personal Blog-

Personal blogs are like a diary in which a person publishes his personal thoughts on the Internet. This type of blog is run by an individual, not a group or organization.

Personal blogging is for those who want to share some experience on the Internet. They do blogging without any planning just for the hobby.

2) Micro Blog

If we understand in easy words, a blog written in short words is called micro blog.

Now let me explain you through an example: -

Twitter is a social media platform. But Twitter allows us only 140 characters to write a post. That is, we cannot write more than 140 characters here. This is called microblogging.

3) Professional Blog

A professional blog is one that someone runs with better planning and strategy. If we understand in easy terms, a blog that is started with complete planning and with the aim of earning money, is called a professional blog.

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If you are fond of writing, then you can easily get into the blogging field. But if you want to earn good money from blogging, for that you will need better planning, hard work, perseverance and patience.

4) Affiliate Blog

Affiliate blogs are only for the purpose of making money. The blog in which the product of another is promoted to sell, writes the details of that product is called affiliate blog.

The blog through which another product or service is promoted is called affiliate blog. Due to which Blogger gets a commission in Lay. You can earn a lot of money through affiliate blog.

Benefits of Blogging - Benefit of Blogging?

Blog has many benefits. There was a time when people used to use blogs as a web diary only, but today the blog is seen as a career and millions of people are also making a career by blogging.

Different people may have different advantages behind creating a blog. By the way, there are many benefits of building blocks.

Many people make blogs with the aim of earning money, while many people start blogs with the aim of helping others. So let's know about some of the main advantages of creating a blog.

1) Means of earning money online

Money can be made online through blocks. The most important and well-known advantage of creating a blog is to earn money. Most people create blogs for the purpose of making money.

Let me tell you that blogging has immense potential to make money. Just need a right blogger to use it in the right way and in the right direction.

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2) Creating a personal brand

If you have a special skill in you and you want to be recognized because of that skill, you can do it through blogging.

Because there are millions of people on the internet where you can easily reach more people in less time. From here you can easily reach your skills to millions of people.

3) Getting Knowledge

It is very important to have knowledge to write a blog on any topic. No matter how much you are an expert in the subject, but to write a blog, you have to go deep into the subject.

Due to which more research is needed on the subject. In which different people get to read different expressions. Therefore, you can become an expert on a topic through blogging.

4) helping others

Through blogging, you can help people by giving information on a particular topic. You can share your skills by creating a blog on the Internet. Whatever information you give from your skills in the blog will help people.

5) popularity

You must have heard that how many people become celebrity overnight through internet. Because through internet, you can reach out to millions of people in a single day.

And if you impress people with your skills, then you can become popular overnight. Thousands of people have become and are becoming celebrities through blogging on the Internet. Such as - Harsh Agarwal (shoutmeloud.com), etc.

Best Blogging Platform

To create a blog on the Internet, you need a platform on which you run your blog. In today's time, you will find lots of blogging platforms from where you can create a great blog.

Although there are many blogging platforms but the two platforms are the most popular (Blogger, WordPress) and most blogs are run on both these platforms.

We are not telling you about all the blogging platforms but some famous and popular blogging platforms and tools, with the help of which you can easily setup a great blog.




Live journal











Blogging Glossary

If you want to get into the blogging field then first you have to get information about all the terminology of blogging.

The list of blogging terminology is very long, I cannot cover the entire list here. But some are telling about the famous and routine terminology used.

1) Blog: - Writing and providing information about a particular topic on the web is called a blog.

2) Blogging: - The process of creating a blog and all the work done in it is called blogging. Such as - writing posts, installing themes, customization, buying domains, etc.

3) Blogger: - The person blogging by creating a blog is called a blogger. Apart from this, a blogging platform of Google is also named Blogger.

4) Blog Post: - Where you write about your thoughts, skills or experience in creating a blog, or the format in which information is written, it is called a blog post. Blog posts are updated from time to time.

5) Blog Page: - It is also like a blog post. Blog page is specially created to give information about the blog in which it is mandatory to create some major pages like: - About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Etc.

6) Traffic: - The number of people coming to the blog is called traffic. This means that the number of people who open or read blogs is called traffic. Suppose 100 people come to your blog in 1 day, then you can say that the traffic of the blog is 100.

7) Visitors: Those who come inside the blog to read the blog are called visitors. If someone comes to your blog to read the post, that person will be called a visitor.

8) Organic Views: People who come to read blogs through search engines are called organic views. For example, if someone comes to your blog from Google's search result, then it is called Organic Views.

9) Sitemap: - Sitemap is like a file in which all the pages and posts of your blog

Contains url / link add. Sitemaps help to color your blocks.

10) SEO: - Search engine optimization is the full form of SEO. This means ranking your blog in search engines and optimizing to get more traffic.

How to Blogging - How to create a blog?

To create a new blog, first you need to choose a blogging platform, then buy a domain name.

If you create a blog on blogger.com, then you will not have to buy hosting here. You can set up a block just by purchasing a domain name.

First go to blogger.com and sign up with your Gmail account. After that type your block name and choose the domain name.

How to create a free blog? In this article, we have given complete information about how to set up a blog, step by step. You can get complete information by reading this article.

How to make money from blogging?

There are many ways to earn money from a blog, but the best and best option for a new blogger is Google Adsense.

But I would recommend you to get full information about it first and only then move forward. You will find the complete AdSense tutorial in our blog. You can read all the articles by going to the Adsense category of our blog.

If your blog is new, then you should not think about earning money for at least 3 to 6 months. Because earning from a blog is only through views.

Whether you monetize your blog through AdSense or through affiliate marketing. Earning will only be on the basis of views.

Apart from this, if your blog becomes old then you have many other options for earning.

AdSense is one of the most popular and best way to earn money from a blog, but apart from this, there are many other platforms through which one can earn money from a blog. like -

Google AdSense
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing (YouTube)
Direct Advertisements
Paid Reviews / Sponsorship
Sell ​​Digital Product
Launch Online Courses
Offer Online Services


Q1) Is it necessary to buy a domain name to create a blog?

A) Yes, buying a domain name is necessary to create a blog. If you will not buy the domain name then you cannot create your brand. By the way without buying domain name, blog can also be created with subdomain.

Q 2) Does studying to spend money to make a blog?

A) You can also make a blog for free without spending any money. But if you want to become a professional blogger and want to be successful, then you have to invest in domain, hosting, plugins, tools, etc.

Q 3) Can not you be successful by creating a blog on Google's Blogger platform?

A) It is not like that at all, you can be successful by creating a blog on Google's blogger. But it takes more time.

Q 4) What is the difference between a blog and a website?

A) A blog is created on a subject and information is provided through it and it is updated regularly from time to time. Whereas the website is not made on any subject but is made for the company or corporate and no updation or information is found on the website.

Q 5) Can blogs really make money?

A) Yes, it is possible to earn money from a blog.


So guys, now you know what blogs are? How to do blogging? How to make money from blogging? And you will now have the complete information about blogging. I hope you liked the post. And you have understood all the things I have said.

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