Best New Business Ideas in India 2021

Best New Business Ideas in India 2021

New Business Ideas: Friends, since this Covid-19, a lot of people had lost their jobs, some of whom have not been able to get a job yet, and all of them also need money.

There are two ways to earn money, one can work with someone or you can start your business and earn money.

Best New Business Ideas in India 2021

You must be well aware of the job that if 50 seats of a post are vacant then lakhs of people apply for it. So in this way too many people have to be disappointed.

So in today's article, you will learn about small business ideas and big business ideas. If you have made up your mind that you do not have to do any job.

If you want to earn money by doing business, then I am going to tell you some business ideas that will help you in starting your business.

To earn money by doing business, you have to have both money and patience because it is not necessary that you get success in whatever business you have started, so you may have to wait for a short time.

Best New Business Ideas in India 2021

List of 1 Best New Business Ideas in India 2021: -

Online Coaching Institute

Ladies Gym

Online Yoga Instructor

Mobile Food Vendor (Tempo or Mini Truck Me Fast Food Selling)

Things required to start a Fast Food Truck: -

Website Development Business

How to learn Website Development?

Graphic Design

How to Learn Graphic Design?

2nd Hand Car Dealership

Cyber ​​Cafe


Interior Design

2 Best Low Investment Business Ideas

Paani Puri Shop

Juice Shop

English Teacher

Content Writer

Visiting Card Printing

E-Rickshaw Driving

Paytm Agent

Computer Training Center

Tiffin Service


List of Best New Business Ideas in India 2021: -

People in India are earning crores of rupees by doing many big business, and they have worked very hard to develop the business and their biggest contribution has been their business idea,

If there was not a good Business Idea behind all the successful business, then perhaps their business could have stalled like many people.

So today you will talk about some methods by which you can start a successful business.

So let's talk about some ways of doing business that you can start earning by starting.


1. Online Coaching Institute

Now-a-days, almost every work is being done online, now whether it is a transaction of money or buying and selling anything, all such works can also be done online.

So why should there be such a thing as studying or teaching students, then now you can earn money by studying students online.

Until a few years ago, if a student had to study coaching and if he lived in a village, then he had to go even 10-15 kilo meter away from his house to study,

But through this internet, every student can study while sitting at their home and the teacher / teacher can also teach from their home.

Online Coaching

How to start online coaching institute: - Therefore, you have to think according to your own way how you will open online coaching center. You have two ways or you can start your own YouTube channel and teach the student.

And by monetizing this YouTube channel, you can make money from it and the other way is that you can create your own website and upload your videos there and see those videos which are taken by the same people.


Only he can see all those videos on your website, but you may have to invest some more money in it and yes it is also a matter of when you will take subscription from people, you will also be able to earn more money from YouTube channel.

Or you can start both YouTube Channel and Website simultaneously. When your YouTube channel starts getting good views, then you can send students from there to take membership on your website.

What are the things to be followed for getting online coaching: -

See when you are going to start teaching online, first of all you must have a good grasp or knowledge about those subject.

And at the same time, you should also have a good knowledge about the computer or the Internet because when you make a video, you can also edit it or know about things like Graphics or Powerpoint slides, white boards etc. Should be

In the beginning you can also start with a few things, but later on you will also need things like a good camera, lights, mic, white board, computer to do video editing, then you can get an online coaching institute like this Can start

There are many platforms for doing online coaching, in which big platform names like Teachable and Unacademy Graphy are also included.


Of these, Unacademy Graphy is completely new where you can do IT.He can teach students and here you have to pay a little less according to Teachable.

2. Ladies Gym:-

Just as the boys have a passion for doing gym or to build their body, in the same way, many girls also like to gym to keep their health good.

But in most gyms, the number of boys is very high, which is why a lot of girls do not do gym.

So to overcome this problem of women and start your business, you can also run a Ladies Gym.

Where all the people from reception to trainer are women, due to this, more women can join the gym in less time.

So you can open a gym for women only in the vicinity of your location, you have to choose a location where most of the women want to gym.

Ladies Gym

And if the location is a little big, so that almost all the stuff of doing gym can be kept easily and if you are short of space, then you can start a gym by making two floors.

Essentials for Ladies Gym: -

  1. Rode 
  2. Plate
  3. Bench 
  4. Machine
  5. Dumbbell 
  6. Treadmill
  7. Skipping Rope 
  8. Tummy Twister
  9. Seated Leg Press 
  10. Tummy Trimmer
  11. Assisted Pull-Up Machine 
  12. Weight Machine
  13. Crossover Machine 
  14. Gym Gloves

So this is some stuff that you will need to start a ladies gym, now you may have to add more things to it.

And to open a gym like this, you may have to get a license and you will have to invest a lot of money to get all the necessary things to do the gym, only then you can start this business.


To start Ladies Gym, you can also do that you have to see some brands that want to open their franchise, then it will also help you a lot and when people will see that a big brand Ladies Gym is open then More women will come to your gym.

3. Online Yoga Instructor:-

The way students are taught online, in the same way Yoga can be learned online. To teach Yoga, you can either record and upload the video in advance and upload it on your website.

Or you can learn yoga online using any online video calling application (eg: Zoom, Jio Meet or Google Meet).

But before knowing all these things, it is important that you too must come to Yoga, only then you and other people can learn Yoga.

Yoga has become famous not only in our India but all over the world, even on June 21, International Yoga Day is also celebrated, you people also know that many diseases of our body can be corrected by doing yoga.

To teach Yoga, you should create a website where you can upload your Yoga videos and such that when the user does not come to your site and subscribe to them, they will not see those videos.

Online Yoga Instructor

Initially, to bring users to the site, you can learn yoga by making short videos of YouTube and Instagram Reels, and when people see you in those videos, then some people will definitely take a subscription after visiting your site from there.

Or you can also use a Paid method, in which you can also sell your yoga course or subscription to people with the help of Facebook Ads.


It was a way for me to start business by becoming Online Yoga Instructor, maybe you can think of something even better, then you can earn money by starting the business of Online Yoga Instructor with the help of your idea too.

4. Mobile Food Vendor (Tempo or Mini Truck me Fast Food Selling):-

Everything in the world is gradually getting updated with time, so if you do not keep yourself updated then you will know what people are doing to make their business successful.

When you have started thinking that I have to start a business, then you must have come up with the idea that you should open a fast food shop or restaurant near a college or school.

Now that both the school and the college are closed at this time, in such a situation, your business idea may be stalled.

So you can do the same way in such a way that you can start a moving restaurant, I mean to say that in a Tempo or Truck, you can make fast food and make all the necessary things by selling fast food from it. Can.

Now slowly, many people are trying the same method, in such a way that you can have many benefits, such that you can sell your fast food at more than one location, so that the branding of this food truck will also continue.

Mobile Food Vendor

And after some time, you can also make a mobile app of your own, when people start liking your fast food, then anytime you can order food from your home using your mobile app.

Important things to start a fast food truck: -

  • First of all, you should have a Mini Truck or Tempo (take the truck or tempo according to the amount of space you need in the truck).
  • Kitchen will have to be made in the truck and whatever necessary items will be put in it (like stove, utensils, all the necessary things for cooking, etc.).
  • A license and permit will be required to run this business without any interruption.
  • Some staff will also be required to make food and serve food etc. and get a dress made for them.
  • She will be so that Branding will also continue.
  • POS (Point Of Sale) will also have to be used because most people make cashless payments these days, then they will be able to take payment from your Debit / Credit Card as well.
  • To give the Food Truck a good look, you can get its interior designed well,

So these are some important things that you will need to start a food truck business that if you have some more ideas, you can also use them with this food truck.

If we talk about how long it can take to start this food truck business, then I can not give any correct answer to this, but I can definitely give you an idea.

If you are going to start this business, then you should make your budget for about 8-10 lakh rupees and only then you will be able to start this business and make your business successful.

5. Website Development Business

Earlier people were not so much interested in mobile or internet, mobile was used only for making calls but since the internet came, there has been a big change in this field.

Earlier people could not even think that people can earn money only by working online and now there are many people in India who are able to earn crores of rupees a month only by working online.

There are many ways to earn money through internet or online work, there is only one way in this website Development Business This you have to work to make a website for other people.

It is not necessary that you will only create websites for people living in India (America, Australia), other countries, you can make a website for any country in the world.

website Development

There are many people who are running their own Website Designing Company, in the same way, they are creating websites for India and other countries.

How to learn website development?

So you have to learn about it before doing Website Development Business, for that you have some ways from where you can learn Website Development.

First of all, I would like to suggest to you that you learn web designing from YouTube itself. There are many such channels on YouTube that will teach you how to make a website for free.

But it can also take you a little time to learn in this way, if you are a student now and you have free time, then you learn from YouTube and there is a website W3schools.Com here all of you are explained in detail. .

Here you are also taught every programming language and HTML CSS used in website designing and you are not charged even one rupee.

And the last way is that you can learn by going to any web designing institute, but keep in mind that whatever institute you are going to, it is good because nowadays you can be duped in the name of teaching web designing.

6. Graphic Design

You people must have been using social media too and you will see a lot of graphics there. Graphics means that "all the images you see on the Internet are called graphics." "

Such as: - If there is a brand of shoes, if they want to promote their new shoes, then they will first create an image by computer, in which that shoe will be shown and some things will be written about the same shoe.

All images created in this way are called graphic.

So if you also have Mind Creative, then you too can learn to run a Graphic Design company by learning Graphic Design. In this, you should come to make small things like Poster, Logo.

When you get a good knowledge about graphic design, then after that you can earn money by running a company or even by doing freelnace work.

Now-a-days, there is a demand for making posters for most brands by doing graphic work, so if you can also make good posters for brands then you have a good chance.

Graphic Design

How to learn to do Graphic Design?

Friends, as you must have seen, how much digital industry is growing at this time. If you still start it, then you will definitely get success.

To learn Graphic Design, you will find many such institutes around your area that will make you do its course, but you will not just rely on them.

When you do not work hard on learning Graphic Design, you will not be able to learn graphic design till then, and at some places more money can be asked to get this course done, then you have to first know the fees of this course all over again. To join it.

And in this course you will be taught software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw.

7. 2nd Hand Car Dealership

Every middle-class family has a dream that they also have a four-wheeler (car), but seeing this rising inflation, does not think that everyone's dream will be fulfilled.

If you go to buy any small car, it can cost you at least Rs 5-6 lakhs, and it is difficult for a middle class family to spend so much money.

So to solve this problem of people, you will have to sell an old car of good condition i.e. 2nd Hand Car.

You can use a lot of different methods, such as when someone in your eyes comes to sell a 2nd Hand Car, then you take their photos and put them on your Facebook page.

To do this With this, this photo will go to more and more people about that car and people who are willing to buy that car will contact you.

So in some similar way you can start Second Hand Car Business.

8. Cyber ​​Cafe

Even though a lot of people will be using the internet at this time, but there are many such tasks for which you have to take support of the computer.

So if you also have a good knowledge about computers and the Internet, then you too can start your own Cyber ​​Cafe business.

If you are from an area where people are not so much interested about the Internet and their work is also done for which the help of the Internet has to be taken.

Cyber ​​Cafe

So in this way you can choose the right place to open Cyber ​​Cafe in this way.

And you can do a lot of things here like: -

Filling up of government job form.

To make and improve ration card.

Creating all the necessary certificates.

Sending and depositing money from one bank to another.

Photo-copying and lamination etc.

You can do all such things at your Cyber ​​Cafe, for this you will not need to invest a lot of money, if your budget is a little less, then you can easily open a Cyber ​​Cafe and do your business.

9. Photography

Being able to do photography is not just a matter of every human being, for this you always have to think something new, only then you will be able to do unique photography.

Doing photography is also different things like some people only do Wild Life Photography or some people only take photographs in marriage and in this way people are experts in different ways in terms of taking photos.

So if you do not know photography and you want to learn about it, then you can also study for it, where you are taught all the things about Camera.

Some people feel that taking a camera in hand is simply photography, but it is not that there are many things in the camera that have to be learned first.


Then you will be able to take a good photo. Such as Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Exposure, there are many similar things which are learned earlier.

If you also want to start your business in this field of photography, then first of all you will need a good camera that starts from 50k-60k rupees.

Then you have to give some time to learn photography only then you can start one of your business of photography.

10. Interior Design

When a person starts earning money, his biggest dream is that he too has a good house and to make the house beautiful, the most important is the interior and it becomes good interior designer.

So if you have done an interior designer course then you can also start your interior design business.

Perhaps you know that many people spend up to millions of rupees to keep the interior design of their home good.

So many people also do courses to teach interior design, and some people are doing business only as their experience and earning good money from it.

Interior design

You need to know about AutoCad software for interior design, it is only with the help of this that you are able to do drafting.

That is, they will be able to show their clients that if they are asking for any correction, then they will tell you by looking at the same draft.

So in this way you can start your own interior design business.

Best Low Investment Business Ideas

So far you had learned about such business ideas in which you have to invest a little more money, but now you do not need to invest more money for the ideas that you will know.

By using these methods, you will be able to start your own business at a low cost. When someone thinks of starting a new business, the biggest problem there is about money.

Because to start a business, a lot of things are required which involves money such as: - License or certificate and GST number etc. to start a business.

If you do not want to spend more money in your business due to the low budget, then you can see all these: Low Investment Business Ideas.

11. Paani Puri Shop

Paani Puri Shop

Pani Puri is also known as Golgappa in some places, there will be very few people in India who will not like to eat Pani Puri.

So you can start the business of Pani Puri for this, you may need a machine to make Pani Puri (but you may need a little more money to buy this machine).

So you can buy water already sold at the beginning of your business, you can also get all the water already sold in the market.

And for this, a place will also be needed where you can sell your water every day by putting your mind on it.

12. Juice Shop

Juice Shop

Summer season has arrived and things like fruit juice or decoction prove to be very helpful to avoid this corona.

Although people drink juice in every season to maintain their health, but in these hot days, mango and sugarcane juice are preferred to drink more.

So you need a juice to start a low cost business Can open a shop.

Where all types of juices can be kept such as: - Mango juice, sugarcane juice, pomegranate juice, seasonal juice, etc. Fruit juice can be sold.

13. English Teacher

In today's time, it is very important to have knowledge of English language, if you have to go for an interview and you do not know English then you may be rejected for that job.

And that's why many students want to learn English, you can learn English by running such a coaching center.

For this, you do not need much money and you can do it part-time, that is, it can be started by reading one or two batches.

The minimum fee for English coaching is ₹ 500 per month, so if you have 30 students in one batch and want to teach 2 similar batches, then your month

500 X 2 X 30 = Rs 30,000 per month

So in this way you can start your business by opening an English coaching center.

14. Content Writer

Content Writer

If you read this blog regularly, then you must know about blogging, and you will also get an article on our blog for how to earn money from blogging.

If you want to earn money from blogging, then you should have both money and time for it because it cannot be earned from day one.

Those who are bloggers do not have much time to write articles on their site daily so that they keep a separate writer.

So if your writing skill is good, then you can do the work of Content Writing for other bloggers.

The best thing in this is that you also get to learn about blogging and SEO and from the first day you can also earn money.

And later on you can create a group of content writing by creating a group of other writers like you.

15. Visiting Card Printing

Visiting Card Printing

Even though people are coming forward to do business online all over the world, that is, everyone wants to do their business online as well.

But now there are many such businesses which are made offline, then they resort to Visiting-Card to promote them.

So you can print a Visiting-Card for such people, and not only that, but during marriage-marriage days you can also print a Marriage Card for them.

And other similar minor tasks can be done, such as pamphlets for school or college.

For this you will need a printing machine and you should also come to run it, only then you can do this business.

16. E-Rickshaw Driving

E-Rickshaw Driving

There are many such places in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai but if you cannot find big vehicles to go from one place to another, then E-Rickshaw is used in those places.

So if you also live in some place, E-Rickshaw is used more in the place, then you can buy an E-Rickshaw and run it.

Or you can use it in place of side-business as if you do another business besides this, then you can hire a driver.

You can give salary for that driver every month, according to the amount of money you are able to earn from this E-Rickshaw, you can give salary to that driver.

And if you do not want to have a driver, then you can rent your E-Richshaw to another driver, he can pay it to you every month, so you can also use it as a side-business.

17. Paytm Agent

Paytm Agent

If you want to earn money by becoming a Paytm Agent, then for that you will first have to apply for Paytm Agent. If your application to become an agent is approved, then you too have to earn money using this method.

After becoming an agent, all the shops where you need Paytm QR Code or Paytm Soundbox, if you go to those shops and get these QR Code and Sound Box installed.

So you get some commission from it and in this way you can earn money by becoming a Paytm Agent.

And you also earn money by transferring Paytm KYC and money to people.

18. Computer Training Center

Computer Training Center

Now-a-days you will be seeing that more than half of the work is being done online, so if anyone wants to work online then it is most important for them that they should know about the computer.

Only then can you work online or use the computer properly.

So to start this business you can open a computer coaching institute, where if you need 8-10 computers so that you can learn the students on those computers.

The computer that you will install there will not work if it is not of good feature because you only have to give basic knowledge about the computer.

Which can also be learned from a computer with less features. And in this way, a complete set of old computers, which will contain everything (Key Board, Mouse, Monitor.Etc), you can get all these things even for 5 thousand rupees.

20. Tiffin Service

tiffin service

Many people go away from their home to another state to earn money and if they do not know how to cook, then they have to eat outside fast food which is not good for health.


So you can start offering tiffin service for those people. In which you will give food and This roti-vegetable or dal-rice would be a similar homemade food.

If there is an industry area near your house, there are many people who do not know how to cook, then you can start giving such tiffin service to those people.

So in this way you can start this business by offering Tiffin service to the people working in the industry.

Conclusion: -

In this article, we have told you 20 ideas to start your business, which you can use to start your business.

Those who want to start their business at a low cost have also been told some ways of those people, you can also use them to start a business.

Our task was to tell you only about Business Ideas, now it is up to you how to improve your business by improving the same Idea.

So friends, I hope all of you must have liked our article, you can send this article to those who want to start their business.

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